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  1. Love these. I make blood orange cocktails for my pop up restaurants, and use blood orange which I make into a syrup, mixed with vodka and prosecco – so good (and strong!)

    Rosie xx

  2. Passé or not, the Cosmo is one of only two cocktails I make and drink on a regular basis—the other is the Margarita. I have a stock of blood oranges I was saving for a tarte aux agrumes but having seen this, they might not last the evening. BEAUTIFUL photos.

  3. The pictures are SO beautiful! I love the vibrant red colors, almost hypnotizing! I've seen some pictures of your finished kitchen on Instagram and it looks amazing, I'm in love with the tiles.
    You just gave me the perfect excuse to use a bunch of lonely blood oranges I've had in my kitchen all week.


  4. LOL I swear I read your post but somehow I didn't see the vital part! LOL I feel like such loser right now. hahaha

  5. Your photography is always just stunning Lucy! Do you run photography courses? If you don't…. you should! Lovely cocktail. Lovely pics!

  6. I would totally go for one right now, especially if made by you, my friend! Making a Cosmo with blood oranges is making them fresh and hip again. 😉 By the way, where did you buy yours? I am obsessed with blood oranges but don't see them anywhere this year. Mind you, I haven't had much time to shop around but still…what's your secret spot?

    • The answer is in the post – Ocado! I too was looking for them everywhere and was thrilled to find them online. I would totally make cocktails for us – though may be easier to actually go out when you aren't so crazy busy.

  7. Gorgeous! I was just drinking blood orange cosmopolitans on Saturday night. They're so good aren't they! I just can't get enough of blood oranges at the moment x

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