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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Gin n' Jam cocktail

Supergolden Bakes: Gin and jam cocktail

Long weekend ahead.... woo-hooo! Too early to celebrate with a little cocktail? Not a moment too soon in my book. This recipe was definitely inspired by a cocktail I pinned ages ago from Honestly Yum but with some modifications. The jam is blackcurrant (I used Bon Maman blackcurrant conserve) which was leftover from glazing the matcha strawberry tartlets. I also added some Chambord and soda water to make this a longer drink – but even so it never lasts very long in my hands.

Although I haven't tried this with other jams I have a feeling it would work well with anything berry-based and a little tart. You can sieve the jam if you like - this makes for a smoother cocktail - but it's not essential.

As you will see in the photos I run out of crushed ice and was in a race with the light... which is why I am not thrilled with them. The cocktail is 100% fab though. No question about that.

Makes 1
2 measures | 50ml | just under 2oz gin
1 tbsp Chambord (optional)
1-2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp sugar syrup
1 tbsp* blackcurrant jam, sieved
(*you can use a little less or a little more according to taste)
Soda water to top up

  1. Put the gin, Chambord, lemon juice, sugar syrup and jam in a cocktail shaker (or simply a large glass) with a couple of ice cubes and stir well.
  2. Strain into a highball or rocks glass and add plenty of crushed ice.
  3. Top the glass with soda water, stir and serve.
Supergolden Bakes: Gin and jam cocktail
Supergolden Bakes: Gin and jam cocktail


  1. I do not even like Gin - but could not resist clicking on this after seeing that photo - BEAUTIFUL, love your styling! :-)

  2. Shared this recipe with my mum, she will love it.x

  3. This is the perfect weekend drink. Going to add the last of this years blackberry crop to it.