#CookBlogShare roundup 21-28 September supergolden bakes

Monday, 29 September 2014

#CookBlogShare roundup 21-28 September

I was at a couple of events these past week where I met and chatted with other bloggers. One thing that someone said to me really stuck in my mind: 'I don't bother with recipes, they take up too much time'. The clear implication being not only do they take up a lot of time, they are also not lucrative or attract much blog traffic.

It is absolutely true that blogging recipes takes a lot of time and energy but since it is what I love doing I am not prepared to throw in the towel just yet. I admire everyone who devotes their energy to blogging and you guys absolutely ROCK for linking your recipes to #CookBlogShare. Without you it would not exist so thanks for coming back week to week.

This week we have new faces amongst our usual suspects and a totally stunning first entry from Luca of Oh La Vache - a Margarita entremet which combines my love of desserts with my love of cocktails. I really wish I could have tasted this one...

Alexandra of The Lass in the Apron has baked a Golden Memories cake to celebrate a new kitchen, a new house and a new life in the UK. I am sure everything felt a lot more homey after a large slice of this cake. Lovely to see you back on #CookBlogShare and hope you feel settled soon.

These gluten-free Almond, Cherry, Chocolate & Pistachio Cookies from Kate of the Gluten Free Alchemist look amazing. I am in love with the rich colours in these photos. Have I mentioned I am craving chocolate? On my to-bake list.

And finally we have a savoury recipe for a warming fish stew with peppers and olives from Hannah of Mumsdays. I love stews but somehow never made a fish one - a mistake a plan to rectify soon.

Directly below is a brand new #CookBlogShare ‘linky’ ready for you to add any recipe posts you would like to share. All recipes and food bloggers are welcome. There's no theme to follow and you can link any recipe sweet or savoury, old or new. All I ask is that you display the badge and link back to this post.

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  1. Those gluten free cookies look awesome!

  2. So bright and colourful thanks for sharing!

  3. People are strange. What are they posting if they're not posting recipes? Why have a blog. Just Instagram?

    1. They blog about restaurants and events and products. And by the sound of it are doing pretty well out of it. I think it is a different kind of blog though.

  4. I'm honoured you featured my entremets and have had a wonderful time looking through all the other amazing entries. I particularly want to reach into the screen and pick out a couple of those cookies: such a lovely combination of flavours.

  5. Thank you so much for the words of welcome and featuring my cake this week, Lucy. A wonderful way to start off my life of blogging in the UK!

  6. I'm guessing they weren't food bloggers then? Meh I like writing recipes it's fun :)

  7. I agree writing, making & blogging recipes is fab! Especially getting to eat what you've made after :-)

  8. Ooooh a new blog link up goodieeeeee!! Will be entering

  9. Some great choices there! The cookies and cake look especially awesome.

    I for one LOVE reading recipes and looking at foodie pictures. Before I found blogs I'd spend hours reading cookery books (it's still my favourite way to relax when I have some alone time) and I know I'm not alone.

  10. I just found this great linky, thanks so much for hosting I am looking forward to reading all the great recipes! #CookBlogShare

  11. Thanks so much for featuring my cookies! And that beautiful yellow entremet looks absolutely stunning!!! I get really annoyed when bloggers who have always published great recipes 'sell out' and go down the review only road (ditching nearly all the interesting stuff). They may do well out of it, but without a good balance of recipes, it seems pointless!

  12. Those recipes look amazing Lucy. I wish I had more time to try them all!

  13. Oooh a great round up, they all look delicious x