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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spooky Halloween cupcakes

Spooky Halloween cupcakes

How big is Halloween in your house? My daughter LOVES it. Loves it to death. She literally vibrates with excitement weeks in advance. It's not just the dressing up and the candy (though that is a big part of it) it's the pumpkin carving, the decorations, trick or treating and of course the baking.

She saw me pin several Halloween ideas on my Pinterest board and then she begged and begged to make the graveyard cupcakes from Pure Joy Events. Well twist my arm Anya... These are so cute, I mean creepy!, and so easy to make. Anya helped make every aspect of them - except for the raspberry buttercream which was leftover from the Pink Celebration Cake. You can use any type of frosting you prefer - you will need something for the 'soil' to adhere to.

I used homemade marshmallow fondant for the decorations but you can use store bought icing just as well. I used this black magic cupcake recipe which makes incredibly moist cupcakes. This vegan chocolate cupcake recipe is equally good and very easy so children can make them.

The soil is made of crushed Oreo cookies. Not only do they really look like soil, they taste fantastic and crunchy against the silky icing. You can also use a couple of chocolate cupcakes blitzed in a food processor.

You will need
12 chocolate cupcakes
1 packet of white royal icing or fondant
1 packet Oreos, crushed
1 quantity frosting of your choice
Food ink pen

Skull and bones cupcake decoration tutorial
Anya is demonstrating how to make the skull and bones.
1. To create the skull, make a ball with a small amount of fondant or icing.
2. Pinch and elongate the shape.
3. Use a toothpick to create two holes for the eyes. Swirl the toothpick around to deepen the eye sockets.
4. Use the toothpick to poke two holes for the nose and smaller dots to create a mouth/teeth.
5. To create the bones, roll a small amount of fondant or icing to a long stick shape.
6. Gently round the edges and poke indents with the toothpick.

To make the ghost, flatten a round ball of icing and drape over a marshmallow. Use your fingers to create a draping effect on the edges. To make the gravestone, make a rectangle out of icing and fold the edge over to create a ledge so it stands up. Use a food pen to draw in the eyes and writing on gravestone. It is best to leave the decorations to dry out overnight so they harden slightly.

Spooky Halloween Cupcakes
Spooky Halloween Cupcakes
Needless to say these cupcakes were not eaten! They were sacrificed on the altar of food photography.


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